These terms and conditions apply to your use of Zenith Bank Plc’s (“Zenith” or “Bank”) SME Arena Platform (“the Platform”). You should read these terms and conditions carefully. You will be bound by them once you agree to the terms and conditions hence, it is advised that you read them.

1. Definition of terms:

“Account(s)” means any account(s) opened with Zenith Bank in the name of the User.

“User” means, any individual or legal entity having account with the Bank which accesses the Platform including requesting for any products or services on the Platform.

“Claim” means any claim, demand, proceeding, or other action (included under an indemnity);

“Losses” means all losses, fines, liabilities and damages and all related costs, expenses and payments (including legal fees and disbursements and costs of investigation, litigation, settlement, judgment, interest and penalties);

“Services” as used in this terms and Conditions means the provision of an online platform where Merchants/SMEs may advertise or promote their products and services to Users.

“GDPR” means General Data Protection Regulation;

“SME” means Small and Medium Enterprises

“Merchant” or “Service Provider” means any person or entity promoting, advertising, or offering any products or services on the Platform.

2. Content

The Platform will enable Users access, evaluate, decide and connect with Merchants on the Platform in order to obtain products and services which may be promoted or offered on the Platform.

3. Disclaimer:

The Platform and all the products and services which may be accessed by Users are solely provided by the Merchants who are not and should not be construed or deemed as agents, persons or entities acting for or on behalf of the Bank. Zenith Bank makes no warranty or representation as to the quality, merchantability or fitness for purpose of any Services which may be advertised or promoted on the Platform.

Zenith Bank further makes no representations or warranty that the information provided on the Platform in respect of any product or service will at all times meet User’s expectation. Promotional or advertisement information on the Platform are as provided by Merchants. It is the User’s responsibility to liaise with the Merchant and get relevant description, clarification or specification from any Merchant on the Platform.

User undertakes that the Bank may, but is not obliged to contact or liaise with any Merchant regarding goods or services procured or purchased on the Platform, User therefore to the fullest extent permitted by law indemnifies the Bank against any loss, cost, expenses, penalty and any other liability which may be incurred or suffered by User arising out of or relating to the procurement of any Services on the Platform.

User further undertake to note that, the Platform may contain links to third party websites. User understands that such links or websites are not authenticated or controlled by Zenith Bank and that access or transacting on such third party websites are at User’s sole risk and responsibility. User agrees that the Bank shall not be responsible for any risk or damage to user’s electronic devices arising out of or relating to accessing or transacting on third party links or websites.

4. “Indemnity”

If User decides to transact with a Merchant on the platform, user undertakes that such transactions are done with User’s full responsibility and User undertakes to hold the Bank harmless against any loss, cost, expense, and other liability arising out of or relating to any delay, product defect or quality, performance or inadequate performance by any Merchant

Obligations of the User

Users understand the following obligations and agree to:

• Ensure that User satisfies itself as to product and/or services, its nature, specification, features and expectations prior to requesting for such product/service on the platform.

• To use the Platform for only legal purposes as contemplated by the laws governing the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

• Refrain from using any of the Bank’s Trademarks or any other intellectual property rights including, but not limited to, logo, name, mark, without the express written permission of the Bank.

• Not to abuse the Right of access to the Platform and shall ensure that the Platform shall not be used to perpetrate fraud.

• Ensure that User meets all legal or regulatory criteria to access any goods or Services promoted on the Platform.

• Comply with all applicable Anti Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism laws and regulations.

• Promptly notify the Bank of any transaction or service dispute between User and any Merchant.

• User undertakes to Comply in all material respect with applicable laws, rules, regulations and guidelines governing various aspects of the Platform.

6. Withdrawal of Service:

User understands that the Bank may grant or refuse to grant any User, access to the Platform and the Bank is not bound to give reasons for such action.

7. Miscellaneous:

The Bank may at any time make changes to the terms and conditions applicable to the Platform and except otherwise stated by the Bank, such changes shall immediately take effect and shall be binding on User and Merchants on the Platform.

8. Terms and Termination:

These terms and conditions shall at all times apply to the Platform as may be amended, replaced or supplemented by Zenith from time to time and by accessing or transacting on the Platform, the User is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions as displayed in the Platform.

9. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution:

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Courts in Nigeria shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any contractual or non-contractual matter which may arise out of or relating to the Platform or its content.